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For many years we have specialized in tiling, floors, walls, showers, backsplashes, you name it! Many people choose the DIY route of tiling, and that is just how it looks: done yourself. Hiring an expert tiler can make your kitchen or bath go from looking just “okay” to “out of a magazine”. We only hire expert and methodical tiling experts at Yonkers Renovation. Our tiling pros are able to use precise tile installation techniques to accommodate any tile shape of your choice. We check and double check to make sure the tiles are laid out in a perfectly straight line so there are no imperfections.


Choosing the right tile


Our experts help you choose the tiles that best fit with your style and budget. We want to be sure you are happy with the overall product and that is why we walk you through every step of the way. Our design experts have an eye for design and would love to walk you through picking the right tiles for every room. We will even bring samples of tile to your home.


Tile cutting


When cutting tiles we use a diamond wet saw, which ensures precise cuts. Did you know that tiles can easily crack just by not using the proper saw? Applying slow and even pressure ensures a proper cut that will help to get all the tiles sized correctly to fit in any space.


High quality materials


Not hiring the right professionals can be a costly mistake. Imagine paying for a brand new kitchen floor only to find the tiles cracking two years later? If the right materials are not used as a stiff base to prevent cracking, this could be a reality. To make matters worse, what if the tiles you chose are no longer being sold? Hiring trusted professionals will be sure your tile professionals can save you headaches down the road.




Our team knows the ins and outs of grout. Do not let your beautiful new tiles be overshadowed by a poorly done grout job. Clean, clear grout lines will make the tiles look complete and add to the beautiful new design of your kitchen or bath.


Backer Boards


If you need tile in an area with a lot of water, like a bath or shower, you will need to have a backer board installed. A backer board is a stiff, waterproof board that keeps tile in place and prevents water from seeping into your walls. Everyone knows how much trouble a mold problem can be, so do not let this happen to you.




Caulk is something you can certainly do yourself, but should you? Messy caulk lines can turn any beautiful tiling job into less than ordinary. Leave it to the pros to create straight and even lines to match any grout. You will hardly even notice it is there, that’s how good we are!

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Tiling in Yonkers

Our expert tilers have been doing this for quite a while, so we know a thing or two. Don't let inexperienced tilers fool you. The best case scenario if you hire an amateur is the tiles end up crooked. The worst case can be disastrous and costly. Imagine hiring someone for tile repair Yonkers, only to find your tiles start falling off after just a year! What if they stopped making the tile you bought? You'd have mismatching tiles or need to redo all the work. We don't want that and you shouldn't either. That is why we are are here to tell you we are pros at this. We provide excellent and licensed tile experts Yonkers residents can depend on.

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