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Can You Do Roof Leak Repair Yourself?

Sure! But we don't really think you should. It's hard work and requires a level of precision to prevent future leaks or premature weathering. Also, if you're afraid of heights and aren't in shape, it's probably not the best idea. It can be deadly to fall off a roof without the proper training or harness equipment. But, if you can get onto a ladder, climb on your roof and walk around on it for a few hours carrying a bunch of shingles, then we say go!

We Say Leave it to Yonkers Renovation

"Roofin' ain't easy" as we like to say, but our professional team is up for challenges. Every one of our roofing contractors are trained and experienced to get the job done right. Heavy rain and windstorms can allow water to get under shingles, even ones that were properly installed. Ice buildup can cause water to seep under shingles and leak into tour home! Our professionals use a high quality waterproof sealant under every shingle to prevent water from leaking in. Roof leak repair Yonkers NY is big business. Lots of roofs are old and need replacement. We know that can be very expensive. That is why we also provide roof repair options to hold you over until it is time to be replaced.

Our second layer of protection is asphalt-saturated felt, which doubly protects from the elements and keeps the roof dry in case shingles fail in wind storms. Many roofing companies in Yonkers NY do not do this critical step. Maybe it's to save time or money, but if it is not done, you run the risk of a leaky roof.

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Before We Begin...

We need to start by, you guess it, tearing off the old roof! This can be a messy process, so we bring tarps to cover gardens or landscaping around your house to protect it from falling debris. We don't want you to find nails for years to come in your flower beds.

Safety First

Safety is our number one priority, for our crew and for your family. All of our professionals know how to properly utilize safety gear, but most importantly, common sense and good judgement. Do not let an unexperienced team perform maintenance on your roof. You don't want an inexperienced contractor falling through into your kitchen! We have over a decade of experience and know exactly what we are doing to get the job done right, every time.

Why Fix A Roof Leak?

Roof leaks can start out controlled and you may only need a bucket to collect the water. But do you really know where that water is going? What if the water starts leaking through the walls? That can cause chaos! We've seen it all from buckling doors to sheetrock that is soaked and bending. A small leak can turn into a big problem. Fixing it right away is the only solution. Sometimes fixing is all you need, but other times you need a full roof replacement. Depending on how old your roof is and the quality of the material used we will come out and assess your roof. We are your roof leak repair Yonkers NY experts.

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